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what is wire stripping machine? what is cable stripping machine?

what is wire stripping machine? what is cable stripping machine? Wire stripping machine / cable stripping machine is the machine that peels off a plastic insulation that is wrapped around a wire and a metal core. Introduction Due to the size of the wire diameter and the material and composition of the wire, there are different suitable models: short thin wire type, heavy duty wire type, ribbon-wire type, multi-core wire, coaxial wire type and other computer wire stripping machine.The wire stripping machine is the most widely used machine in the machinery industry. People now rely on various mechanical automation, and the wire stripping machine is the most convenient machine for people to produce now. classification According to different functions, it is divided into: automatic wire stripping machine and semi-automatic wire stripping machine. The automatic wire stripping machine is one-time completion of cutting and stripping (no need for manual), and has the functions of cutting and stripping.Commonly, there are computer wire stripping machines and mechanical wire stripping machines. The semi-automatic wire stripping machine only has stripping function and does not have the cutting function. Usually, it is necessary to manually one by one feeding wire to assist the completion.Such as pneumatic wire stripping machine. According to the degree of intelligence, it is divided into: computer cable stripping machine and mechanical cable stripping machine,the computer cable stripping machine is widely used, the length of stripping end, cutting length and other parameters can be set by computer, using full computer screen control, with smaller volume. flexible control, etc.; For the mechanical stripping machine, the stripping length and cutting length etc. can only be adjusted by adjusting the position of the corresponding fitting. The mechanical cable stripping machine is divided into automatic mechanical stripping machine and semi-automatic mechanical stripping machine according to functions. The fully automatic named koc, has the functions of cutting and stripping. It is usually large in size and several cables can be processed at the same time. High use rate was in the past, is not common in the market now; semi-automatic mechanical stripping machine is mostly pneumatic stripping machine, only stripping, and the length of the stripping end can only be controlled by adjusting the mechanical position of the corresponding fitting position. According to the different types of wire, it is divided into: short thin wire cable stripping machine, universal wire stripping machine, heavy duty wire stripping machine, multi-core wire stripping machine, coaxial wire stripping machine, etc. According to the different driving methods, it is divided into: pneumatic stripping machine and electric stripping machine. Among them, the pneumatic stripping machine has the advantages of light weight, large output, small failure, easy operation, convenient operation in forward and reverse rotation, small body shape, and can be used anywhere by air compressor. Such as QS-2015C. The electric wire stripping machine refers to the computer wire cutting stripping machine.