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Computer wire stripping machine handling precautions 2

High speed  wire stripping machine  is a kind of continuous operation of the cutting line wire and cable equipment. The device is suitable for high-speed cutting line, provincial manpower working environment, saving time and effort cutting line.
High speed wire stripping machine
Can generally be divided into thin-and thick line wire cutting machine. Thin wire-speed wire cutting machine can cut off the round lines and thick PHI 4.0mm-10MM wide 5.0mm-10MM flat cable. And thick-line can be cut off φ wide 11mm-24mm 4.0mm-16mm round lines and thick flat-line.
High-speed automatic wire cutting machine main features:
1, cutting line speed: up to 200, every minute up to 150 meters.
2, cutting capacity: round wire? 2.0-?10MM, 2.0x4.0 wide 4.5x11mm flat line.
3, cutting length: the minimum length of the cutting line 300mm, 49999mm maximum cutting line length.
Set 4, length: refers to remove arbitrary length needed.
5, wire cutting accuracy: ± 0.3%. high speed wire stripping machine  technical parameters: wire cutting speed, cutting, wire cutting accuracy, access lines, lines, drive motor and other technical parameters. Cutting line pace reflects the speed and efficiency of cutting line. Precision of wire cutting line high accuracy requirements of the CD.
High-speed automatic wire cutting machine adopt PLC + PC + servo system for pneumatic control, straight body, meter device, belt drive system, cutting line agencies, send line agencies, belt line and push wire agencies.
Applicable to various cable length cutting, applicable to all types of power cable, AC power cord, electronic connector findings.