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wire stripper and crimper machine TFP-1.5SC

Products description:

  • Size:375 mm x 365 mm x 435 mm
  • Weight:150KG
  • Model:TFP-1.5SC

    Products description:

    wire stripper crimper machine TFP-1.5SC

    Also named wire stripper crimper device TFP-1.5SC, wire stripper crimper unit TFP-1.5SC, wire stripper crimper equipment TFP-1.5SC


    Precise compact mechanical structure make more stable and accuracy.

    Use SCA special made applicator, be able to process wire size up to AWG 36 or more.

    Technical specificaitons

    Wire Size AWG18-36(0.05-0.85mm²)

    Applicable wire AV,AVS,AVSS,CAVUS,KV,KIV,UL,IV

    Stroke 30mm

    Crimping Force 1.5T

    Stripping Length 1.0-7.0mm

    Power AC220V-240V,50/60Hz

    Air source 0.3-0.4mpa

    Dimensions 530 mm x 400 mm x 830 mm

    Weight 85 kg

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