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Flat Ribbon Cable Crimper TFP-P156

Products description:

  • Size:900 × 1500 × 600mm
  • Weight:200Kg
  • Model:TFP-P156

    Products description:

    Flat Ribbon Cable Crimper TFP-P156


    The flat ribbon cable crimping machine is especially designed for crimping terminals on each conductor of ribbon cable, the cable must be striped and splitted before using this machine, the operator only need to put the wire into the crimping position, the other work can be finished automatically.


    Available Wire Width: various flat wires within 40pins

    Available Wire O.D.: 0.9-2.5mm

    Available Wire Gauge: 14AWG - 28AWG

    Available Wire length: ≥60mm

    Crimping Force: 1.5 Ton

    Display: Touch Screen

    Speed: 11000-13000 pcs/hour

    Air Pressure: 0.4MPa - 0.6MPa

    Power Supply: 220V,50/60HZ

    Gross Weight: 200Kg

    Dimension: 900 × 1500 × 600mm

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