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Crimp wire connectors machine TFP-2.0U

Products description:

  • Size:380mm*280mm*460mm
  • Weight:117kg
  • Model:TFP-2.0U

    Products description:

    Also named lug crimper machine, cable crimpers machine, crimp wire connectors machine,crimp wire connectors equipment,crimp wire connectors device.




    Roller bearing clutch and main body adopts CNC machining center that ensures high quality such as low failure, high crimping stability, longer life.

    Multi-function and quick change model fit for any type of applicator from home and abroad.


    Stroke: 30mm
    S.P.M: 250/min
    Crimping force: 2.5ton
    Motor: 0.75kw
    Power supply: 220V,50/60Hz
    Shutting height: MAX.126mm
    Height Adjustment: 10mm
    Dimensions: 380mm*280mm*460mm


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