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cable peeler cutting machine CSC-508HT

Products description:

  • Size:390 × 350 × 255mm
  • Weight:36KG
  • Model:CSC-508HT

    Products description:

    cable peeler cutting machine CSC-508HT


    The cable stripping cutting machine combines the utmost in precision and performance which cover an unbeatable range of application possibilities, it is designed for stripping the jacket of multi conductor cables with a stripping length up to 100mm, the coaxial stripping function allows Max. 3 steps stripping, it also process most wire and cable types up to 8mm², wide range of processing possibilities that include discrete wire, multi conductor cable, coaxial cable and flat sheathed cable, excellent function and high price/performance ratio.  

     Available Wire Gauge 0.1 - 4.5mm²
     Max. Conduit Diameter Φ10mm
     Cutting Length 0 - 99999mm
     Stripping Length Wire Head 0 - 50mm, Wire Tail 0 - 40mm
     Middle Stripping Max. 13 sections
     Cutting Tolerance ±(0.002×L) (L = Cutting Length)
     Speed 3000 ~ 7000pcs/hour
     Display LCD display with English menu
     Memory Function Can store Max. 99 group programs
     Special Function Can strip Max. 3 layers with different length at one time
     Drive Method 4 wheels drive
     Blade Material Tungsten Steel
     Power Supply 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
     Power Rating 220W
     Weight 36Kg
     Dimension 390 × 350 × 255mm

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