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Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine CSC-508TZ

Products description:

  • Size:390 × 350 × 255mm
  • Weight:36kg
  • Model:CSC-508TZ

    Products description:

    Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine CSC-508TZ


    The coaxial cable stripping cutting machine is designed for stripping Max. 3 layers coaxial cables and , it allows Max. 3 steps stripping, it also process most wires and cables up to 10mm². Wide range of processing possibilities that include discrete wire, multi conductor cable, coaxial cable and flat sheathed cable, excellent function and high price/performance ratio.

    Available Wire Gauge 0.1 - 4.5mm²
     Max. Conduit Diameter Φ8mm
     Cutting Length 0 - 99999mm
     Stripping Length Wire Head 0 - 50mm, Wire Tail 0 - 40mm
     Middle Stripping Max. 16 sections
     Cutting Tolerance ±(0.002×L) (L = Cutting Length)
     Speed 3000 ~ 7000pcs/hour
     Display LCD display with English menu
     Memory Function Can store Max. 99 group programs
     Special Function Can strip Max. 3 layers with different length at one time
     Drive Method 4 wheels drive
     Blade Material Tungsten Steel
     Power Supply 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
     Power Rating 220W
     Weight 36Kg
     Dimension 390 × 350 × 255mm


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